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May Calendar Info from Wikipedia

• Creston City Council Mtg, May 3rd.

• Creston Chamber Omelet Appreciation Breakfast, May 4th.
• Senior Awards Day @ Creston HS, May 6th.
• Artist Receiption at Creston: Arts Gallery, May 6th.
• 3rd Annual FNB Hope Glow Run, May 7th.
• Happy Mother's Day, May 8th.
• Creston School Board Appreciaton Coffee, May 11th.
• Geocaching 101, May 14th.
• PTO Trunk Sale, Depot Parking Lot, May 14th.
• Creston City Council Mtg, May 17th.
• Creston High School Graduation, May 22th.
• KSIB Ribbon Cutting, May 24th.
• SWCC Athletics Golf Outing, May 28th.
• Memorial Day, May 30th.

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Updated May 8, 2016

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